Pizza Seminars

One qubit as a Universal Approximant

by David López-Núñez (IFAE / BSC)

IFAE Virtual Seminar Room (IFAE)

IFAE Virtual Seminar Room


Quantum computing offers new possibilites for information processing and superconducting circuits have proved to be a promising platform to explore this new potential.

In this talk I will present how a single qubit can represent any bounded complex function stored in the degrees of freedom defining its quantum gates. I will focus on the experimental implementation of the universal approximant in a superconducting qubit circuit cooled to the base temperature of a dilution refrigerator (20mK). The limited coherence of the qubit does not impact significantly the results and it preserves the information well enough to reproduce the shape of the target functions.

Organized by

Cosimo Nigro, César Jesús-Valls, Jan Ollé

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