TH Seminars

On the Difference between FOPT and CIPT for Hadronic Tau Decays

by Prof. André H. Hoang

IFAE Virtual Seminar Room (IFAE)

IFAE Virtual Seminar Room


In this article we review the results of our recent work on the difference between the Borel representations of tau hadronic spectral function moments obtained with the CIPT and FOPT methods. For the presentation of the theoretical results we focus on the large-$\beta_0$ ​ approximation, where all expressions can be written down in closed form, and we comment on the generalization to full QCD. The results may explain the discrepancy in the behavior of the FOPT and CIPT series that has been the topic of intense discussions in previous literature and which represents a major part of the theoretical uncertainties in current strong coupling determinations from hadronic tau decays. The findings also imply that the OPE corrections for FOPT and CIPT differ and that the OPE corrections for CIPT do not have standard form. 

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