Hadronic Physics for Fundamental Discoveries

by Emilie Passemar (Indiana University)

IFAE Seminar Room + Zoom (Hybrid Seminar)

IFAE Seminar Room + Zoom

Hybrid Seminar

Nuclear and particle physics aim to understand fundamental parameters and laws of nature at subatomic distances. Exquisite experimental measurements over the last two decades have allowed us to precisely extract the fundamental parameters of the Standard Model and to uncover new physics, in the form of nonzero neutrino masses. 

As I will discuss, these remarkable advances have been made possible by the theoretical progress in hadronic physics. I will illustrate this on a number of specific examples, including the quark mass  determination and the mixing extraction, searches for new physics in heavy meson decays, measurements of the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon, and—finally—precision studies of neutrino flavour transformations. 

Demands on hadronic physics will only increase in the future, with applications to the description of neutrino-nucleon scattering at DUNE and HyperK, precision measurements at MAMI/MESA and FAIR, BESIII, GlueX and CLAS at JLab, flavour violating searches at the LHC and BELLE II and g-2, Mu2e and Mu3e experiments.


Organized by

Oscar Blanch, Andreu Font Ribera, Lluisa-Maria Mir, Rafel Escribano

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