Theory Seminars

The dynamics of domain wall strings

by Daniel Jiménez Aguilar (University of Basque Country)

IFAE Seminar Room (In-person seminar)

IFAE Seminar Room

In-person seminar


In many field theories, solitonic solutions admit localized excitations with unnaturally long lifetimes in their spectrum of perturbations. These bound states may play a significant role in the dynamics of solitons, and in particular, they could shed light on some aspects concerning the evolution of cosmic string networks. In this talk I will discuss the influence of this type of excitations on the dynamics of string-like domain walls in 2+1 dimensions, focusing mostly on interesting resonance phenomena arising from the interaction of different modes at a non-linear level. The processes by which the excited string can emit radiation will also be analyzed, and the motion of the soliton in lattice field theory simulations will be contrasted with the one predicted by the Nambu-Goto action.

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