TH Seminars

Electroweak resummation of neutralino dark-matter annihilation into high-energy photons

by Dr Clara Peset (Munich, Tech. U.)

IFAE Seminar Room (Face-to-face Only)

IFAE Seminar Room

Face-to-face Only


In this talk we will consider the large resummation effects that take place in the annihilation of neutralino DM with O(TeV) mass to high-energy photons, and in particular the contribution of large electroweak Sudakov logarithms. We will review the effects in the minimal supersymmetric standard model, where the NLL resummations reduces the yield of photons by about 20% for Higgsino-dominated DM at masses around 1~TeV, and up to 45% for neutralinos with larger wino admixture at heavier masses near 3~TeV. We will see how this sizable effect affects experimental exclusion limits, which in turn can be translated into MSSM parameter-space constraints.

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