Experimental Seminars

PIC Seminar - Data Preservation and Semantic Modeling

by Jordi Delgado (PIC)

IFAE Seminar Room + Zoom (Hybrid Seminar)

IFAE Seminar Room + Zoom

Hybrid Seminar


The MAGIC Data Management and Preservation Plan (DMPP) is an oficial document approved by the MAGIC Collaboration that summarizes the rules and policies to manage the MAGIC Data, and the storage resources at PIC. In June 2023 we have completed 3 cycles of the DMPP the preservation of Calibrated datasets and the first tape ejection of RAW data from the Oracle tape robot. Manuel Delfino will talk us about the MAGIC DMPP, the implementation using the knowledge learnt from participating in the Archive project hosted by CERN and more precisely the preservation procedure for reduced datasets using the Baggit standard. This procedure also includes the definition of metadata to describe the files, and represents an important part of what we call "The MAGIC Legacy". Thinking on the MAGIC Legacy, data must be prepared and converted into a different format to make it openly accessible to the community. This format will be compatible with CTA and other instruments, and it is called the DL3 format. But this is not enough, to make data openly accessible it must sustain the FAIR principles. Today, having Harald in his stay as vistor professor, we are exploring a new step in the Data Preservation technologies to create the FAIRification of the DL3 format using ontologies and a definition of semantics. Harald Kornmayer will talk us about the state of the art of the usage of Ontologies and Semantics to describe datasets and the first ideas for the FAIRification of the DL3 files.

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