Cosmic-ray measurements in space: HERD ongoing activities, prospects and future projects

by Chiara Perrina (EPFL)

IFAE Seminar Room + Zoom (Hybrid Seminar)

IFAE Seminar Room + Zoom

Hybrid Seminar

New-generation space experiments are needed to enhance our understanding of cosmic rays. The High Energy cosmic-Radiation Detection facility (HERD) will play a prominent role in this scenario. From 2027 and for more than 10 years, HERD will be measuring cosmic protons and heavier nuclei from 30 GeV up to a few PeV. It will search for signatures of annihilation and decay products of dark matter in the energy spectrum of cosmic electrons and photons from 10 GeV to 100 TeV. A wide field of view monitoring of the gamma-ray full sky from 100 MeV will also be performed. In this colloquium I will present the design and the expected performances of HERD, as well as its contribution to the multimessenger astronomy. Finally, I will introduce forthcoming space experiments and their ultimate goals.

Organized by

Oscar Blanch, Andreu Font Ribera, Lluisa-Maria Mir, Rafel Escribano

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