Pizza Seminars

Cherenkov-based detectors for emerging medical imaging applications

by Gerard Ariño (IFAE Medical)

IFAE Seminar Room (IFAE)

IFAE Seminar Room



Gamma-detectors based on Cherenkov light have attracted the attention of emerging medical imaging applications due to their potential to provide high temporal resolution. I will present the development of a gamma detector concept based on a semiconductor material that combines the detection of Cherenkov light with the signal inducted by electrons to achieve, simultaneously, excellent time, energy, and spatial resolution. I have been working on this detector concept for its use in proton range verification in proton therapy and I will show a benchtop characterization as well as preliminary data acquired at the research beam line at Crocker Nuclear Laboratory, in the UC Davis campus.

Organized by

Giada Caneva, Elia Bertoldo, Clara Fernandez Castañer

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