Martine Bosman - A Gender Equality Plan for IFAE

Seminar (IFAE)



Marc Manera (IFAE), Stefano Terzo (IFAE)
We present the Gender Equality Plan that was elaborated by IFAE’s Gender Equality Committee. It includes an internal analysis of the situation at IFAE and puts in the context of other institutions and countries. Concrete objectives are proposed as well as the strategy and pratices to achieve them.
  • Alex Gonzalez Torreblanca
  • Bruno Bourguille
  • David Vázquez Furelos
  • Elia do Souto
  • Enrique Fernandez
  • Fabrizio Rompineve
  • Isaac Esparbé
  • Juli Mundet
  • Leyre Nogues
  • Machiel Kolstein
  • Manel Martinez
  • Marcel Algueró
  • Mari Carmen Porto
  • Matteo Cavalli-Sforza
  • Oscar Blanch Bigas
  • Oscar Martinez
  • Otger Ballester
  • Pere Masjuan
  • Rafel Escribano
  • Ramon Miquel
  • Tianya Wu
    • 13:00 13:05
      Introduction and General Announcements 5m
      Speakers: Dr Marc Manera (IFAE), Dr Stefano Terzo (IFAE)
    • 13:05 13:25
      Presentation of the Week 20m
      Speaker: Dr Martine Bosman (IFAE)
    • 13:25 13:35
      Discussion 10m
    • 13:35 14:00
      Pizza 25m
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