Experimental Seminars

The Southern Wide-Field Gamma-ray Observatory

by Dr Rubén López-Coto (INFN Padova)

IFAE seminar room (IFAE)

IFAE seminar room



Ground-based gamma-ray astronomy, at photons energies between GeV to TeV, has made rapid progress in recent years, exploiting two distinct and complementary techniques: imaging of air Cherenkov light (e.g. MAGIC) and the direct detection of shower particles at mountain altitudes (e.g. Milagro, HAWC). The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA), with a notorious involvement from IFAE, represents the next step for the field in terms of the Cherenkov imaging, but will be complemented by an emerging particle detection instrument: the Southern Wide-Field Gamma-ray Observatory (SWGO). SWGO will be built at around ~5 km altitude in the Andes, and is currently in an R&D phase. In this talk I will present the SWGO concept and the scientific challenges which it will address, focusing on the complementarity to CTA and the new astrophysics and astroparticle physics opportunities that these new observatories will unlock.

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