Pizza Seminars

Oscillons in multi-component theories

by Fabio van Dissel (IFAE)

IFAE Virtual Seminar Room (IFAE)

IFAE Virtual Seminar Room


Oscillons are spatially localized structures that appear in scalar field theories and exhibit extremely long lifetimes. Although they have been known to exist since the 1990s, most work has relied on single-field dynamics.

In this talk, I go beyond single-field analyses and study oscillons comprised of multiple interacting fields, each having an identical potential with quadratic, quartic, and sextic terms. Initially, I will discuss the physical relevance of oscillons and the reasons to study their multi-field dynamics. I then introduce a two-field scalar model (with either attractive or repulsive interactions) and show how to find oscillons using the small amplitude formalism. The interaction sign, attractive or repulsive, leads to different oscillon solutions, albeit with similar characteristics, like the emergence of "flat-top" shapes. I end the talk with a discussion on the basin of attraction of the oscillon solution in this model.


Organized by

Cosimo Nigro, César Jesús-Valls, Jan Ollé

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