Pizza Seminars

Statistical Inference of the Hubble constant from Gravitational Waves Data.

by Christos Karathanasis (IFAE)

IFAE Virtual Seminar Room (IFAE)

IFAE Virtual Seminar Room

Gravitational waves detectors offer a new way of observing the universe. With the first detection of a gravitational
wave event, the era of multi-messenger astronomy started. In the case of an electromagnetic counterpart, the host
galaxy of the event can be identified and an accurate estimation of the Hubble constant(H0) can be made. This
was the case with the first binary neutron star coalescence (GW170817). However, detecting the counterpart is not
so easy and a statistical approach for the estimation of H0 is necessary. Correlating  the volume in the sky where the
event is most probable to originate with galaxy catalogs, a statistical estimation of H0 can be given.   


Organized by

Cosimo Nigro, César Jesús-Valls, Jan Ollé

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